Who We Are

mom and teen with counselor

ACIDD Florida is an independently-operated social enterprise that is licensed by the Agency for Person with Disabilities (APD) in the State of Florida to provide community-based services to a diversified range of people with developmental disabilities who also have co-occurring mental illness. We are here to deliver the much-needed solutions needed by the mentally and intellectually-impaired individuals who are struggling to live normal lives, or accomplish their goals, or even perform the most basic everyday tasks. We are here to support a cause and help individuals with a dual diagnosis of intellectual or developmental disabilities as well as mental illness to live healthier and more independent lives.

We are strongly committed to embracing and empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities and severe mental illness through an integrated approach to care that helps greatly reduce their everyday challenges of life.

Our holistic and integrated care approach ensures that our fellow Floridians are able to save time and money when having their conditions treated. We deliver high-quality, individualized treatments based on the unique and changing situations of the people we serve. Through these highly-effective means, we are able to help the mentally and developmentally-disabled individuals in Florida to achieve independence and improved their quality of life.

In 2020 and moving forward, our strategies will change in view of COVID-19 pandemic. You may call our office in Tampa, Florida at 862-221-8282 or our Maryland office at 301-377-0750 for more information. Call us at 1-844-ACIDD-US to be part of the cause that ACIDD currently supports nationally and internationally. Or send us an email to with your questions and comments.